Freebie Friday: 102 Ways to Write Great Headlines


freebie_fridayThe headline is the first thing readers see. It can make (or break) the rest of your ad, email, or post. But sometimes, you get stuck. Your brain is blank. You’ve tried 7 different ways to write great headlines, and still nothing.

If that’s you, you’ll love today’s Freebie Friday. It’s a list of  102 headlines from Chris Garrett.  All you have to do is download it, pick one, and fill in the blanks.

How easy is that?

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Freebie Friday: How to Build Authority, Gain Trust, and Get More Sales

Today’s Freebie Friday is a free report from Brian Clark of Copyblogger, called Authority Rules. Nobody likes a hard sell (including Google). However, if you want to build trust of both search engines and people, you’ll need to establish yourself as a positive, helpful authority in your niche.

But how?

  • gain Google’s trust and rise in search rankings without black hat tactics, keyword stuffing, or “gaming” the system
  • sell without “selling” (you teach instead)
  • develop cornerstone content
  • write for search engines
  • befriend influential people in your niche

Get the full Authority Rules report here.

Freebie Friday: Using LinkedIn to Get More Leads

freebie friday imageWe’ve all heard a lot about social networking; joined LinkedIn, commented on forums, or started to use Twitter.  But, can you actually get leads from all of this?  Or is it just a giant time waster?

Today’s Freebie Friday is a new case study from Marketing Sherpa.  It spells out how one marketer uses LinkedIn to raise awareness of their products, qualifies leads he gets, and shares marketing materials (without being pushy and obnoxious). Find out how LinkedIn is different from other networks and lead generation tools and how to tailor your marketing to get more (and better) leads from it.

Hurry to read  this (free access ends after August 5th)

Generate more leads with LinkedIn.

Freebie Friday: SEO Fast Start

freebie fridayWant to know more about SEO (search engine optimization)?

If you don’t already know, it’s the science (and art) of making your Web site more appealing to search engines. Find the search terms that best describes what your customers are looking for, optimize your site to fit those terms, and you’ll rank higher when people search for products or services like yours. The easier it is to find you, the more traffic, leads, and customers you’ll get.

Today’s Freebie Friday offers some help. It’s an e-book by Dan Theis, with help on mapping out a keyword strategy, optimizing the way your site is constructed, and measuring results.

Update: The 2009 Edition is now live.
Get your copy here.

Freebie Friday: Special Report on Marketing That Works

freebie fridayEach year, the editors of Marketing Sherpa ask their readers to share stories of what worked (or didn’t) in the past year. Hundreds of marketers send in reports about their campaigns. This year, topics cover the gamut from old school direct mail and advertising to Web 2.0 social networks, paid search, and mobile marketing.

There are tips on personalizing email campaigns, doubling open and click-through rates, whether social networking can really build your business, and when to start a blog.

Plus, real results of campaigns for lead generation, landing page tests, metrics, customer service, and b-to-b marketing.

Get the full Marketing Sherpa Wisdom 2009 report