Stop Wasting Time and Money and Get Marketing That Actually Works

Have you been spending time and money on web sites and marketing, without getting the results you want?

Are you tired of marketing campaigns that cost more than they bring in? You’re on social media, you’ve got a website, but nothing’s working the way you want.

Your campaigns cost plenty of time and money, but the return is well, lackluster. Your marketing may be “broken.”

It’s not that websites or email marketing doesn’t work, it’s that you need more than just “spraying and praying” to get clients.

I started this blog to help creative businesses like you.  I’ll show you how to fix your marketing.  With the right strategy, you can actually make your competition irrelevant.

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About Jodi Kaplan

Jodi has been in the marketing business for over 20 years.  She started out in direct marketing at Drake Beam Morin (an outplacement firm). when her boss challenged her to learn the essentials of direct marketing, design, and large-scale postage (the most frightening part) in six months.  She did it in three, earning a promotion and a raise. She later moved on to The Economist, where she successfully marketed conferences, research reports (at up to $495 each), and high-end business newsletters (up to $1,000 a year). Two years later, she joined The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), where she often earned record event registration (with budgets as low as $100).  After leaving the  DMA, she headed out on  her own, and she’s been writing copy, creating marketing campaigns, and boosting small businesses ever since. Her mission is to help small creative businesses  improve marketing and earn more, without spamming or being obnoxious.