Freebie Friday: Special Report on Marketing That Works

freebie fridayEach year, the editors of Marketing Sherpa ask their readers to share stories of what worked (or didn’t) in the past year. Hundreds of marketers send in reports about their campaigns. This year, topics cover the gamut from old school direct mail and advertising to Web 2.0 social networks, paid search, and mobile marketing.

There are tips on personalizing email campaigns, doubling open and click-through rates, whether social networking can really build your business, and when to start a blog.

Plus, real results of campaigns for lead generation, landing page tests, metrics, customer service, and b-to-b marketing.

Get the full Marketing Sherpa Wisdom 2009 report

One thought on “Freebie Friday: Special Report on Marketing That Works

  1. This was great, thanks for posting that link. Being in mobile marketing I especially like the part about “mobile marketing provided great success”!

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