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Darren on Problogger challenged his readers to come up with 7 links to posts in 7 categories, post them on our blogs, and share them.  Here are mine:

1. Your first post

OK, here it is.  My first post.  Looking at it (and some of the older ones) makes me both smile and cringe.  But I was also excited at the same time.  See what you think.

2. A post you enjoyed writing the most

This was hard! I guess it’s like choosing between your children.  Can I add several?  The ones I enjoy the most are the ones that just jump out of my keyboard onto the page (“flow,” as Daniel Pink says). However, I’ll pick However, I’ll pick How to Write a Landing Page Guaranteed Not to Sell.  It’s snarky, but it does have a serious point.

3. A post which had a great discussion

Lamborghini or Hyundai? didn’t have the most comments (that honor goes to my Linchpin review), but it sparked an interesting discussion (both here and on the original post by an A-list blogger that inspired it). Imagine my shock when he commented!

4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written

The Participation Age and the Importance of the Fourth “S” This post by Chuck Blakeman really resonated with me.  I love the idea of profit as “Freedom Money”, but more importantly, the idea that traditional “job values” (security, safety, and stability) aren’t enough any longer.

5. Your most helpful post

I think the most helpful post was What Marketers Can Learn From Fisherman. One of the most visited was Revealed: Why Clients Want to Make the Logo Big.

6. A post with a title that you are proud of

What better title than one about writing titles (headlines) Get Great Headlines Without Writing.  I like this because it promises to turn the difficult work of writing headlines into a straightforward, easy task, and because it seems like a contradiction. It arouses curiosity and offers a big payoff.

7. A post that you wish more people had read

Is Your Product a Solution Without a Problem? Having an idea is great. Here’s what happens when people get too caught up in their great idea. Reading it could save a lot of time, effort, and money. Join the fun. Try it yourself.  Leave a comment here (and on Darren’s blog) with your link.

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