Is Your Product a Solution Without a Problem?

stop signI was surfing the Web the other day and stumbled on a bra dryer.  I can’t post the picture here (copyright issues), but it looks like a mesh sports bra or workout top.  The idea is (apparently) to strap a bra inside it and it will dry faster or not lose its shape or something.

Trouble is, it only seems to come in one size, and well, women come in lots of sizes.

Also, for you guys out there, bras can be hand-washed, hung up to dry, and forgotten about.  Drying them faster is NOT a pressing problem.

I point this out not because I want this blog to regularly focus on underwear, but because the men who came up with this contraption never stopped to do any research to see if anyone wanted, needed, or cared about their product.  Yes, successful products (say the iPhone) can often come from a product nobody KNEW they wanted (until they saw one).  But this, this is just silly.

Before investing time, money, and effort in a new product or service, check and see if there’s any interest.  Show potential vendors a prototype, do some market research.  Google the problem.  Check with users.  Find out their reactions.  Is it wow?  Or is it are you kidding??!!

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Product a Solution Without a Problem?

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about and even though I write about lingerie, I can’t recall ever being interested in this product.

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