How to Charge More and Still Have Raving Fans


We’ve all seen the ads:

“Article Writers Wanted, $1 per 500 words” [oh joy]

“Copywriters weaving killer copies” [huh???]

There are lots of people out there seeking (or selling) high-level skills for low-level prices. How do you compete with this?

Why You

James at Men With Pens pointed out today that saying you’re awesome is not enough…”you have to explain to site visitors how your awesomeness benefits them. That’s how they’ll become your customers.”

Show a Benefit

For example, if you were approached by someone “selling” life insurance, you’d probably want to run screaming in the opposite direction. However, if that same person said, “I can help you keep your family safe and protected if something happens to you,” you’d be more willing to listen.

Why You’re Worth More

Or, say that you wanted to buy a new sofa. There were two stores that sold the one you liked. The first one, Stan’s Discount Sofa Mart, sold the sofa for $325. The second, Mike’s Furniture Festival, wanted $350. Seems like an easy choice, right?

But what if Stan’s store took 6-8 weeks to deliver, while Mike promised delivery in 5 days, plus let you schedule a delivery time. Stan’s price is lower, but Mike’s service means you get your furniture faster and don’t have to waste an entire day waiting for the delivery truck to arrive.

A store that respects my time? That offers quick service? And lets me choose (!) when I get my delivery? Wow!

Prospects will listen, read, and pay when you make their wants and desires the star (not yours). Describe what they’ll get by using you: more qualified prospects will visit their site, more people will click on their ads, more people buying their products, and you’ll get more business.

Photo: David Siqueira