Print is NOT dead

After the election, newspapers everywhere sold out. There were lines to buy copies, and some were selling on ebay for as much as $200! Time and Newsweek printed 100,000 extra copies, and are considering more. It seems nobody wanted a souvenir Web page printout from their inkjet.

Why the sellout? Because the news they contained was remarkable and special and people wanted a piece of history. So, the question is, how can you make your newsletter or marketing materials or product special? What story are you telling? Is it worth sharing? Worth keeping?

One thought on “Print is NOT dead

  1. Great questions. Here is another, what does the newspaper industry do with this? How to they profit and grow from what we learned this past election. If they can answer that, they may have a dying chance. I agree the newspaper industry is hurting bad, but not dead. Newspaper needs to touch the reader. Certainly this past election touched people enough to want to own it.

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