Remarkable Can be Small (part 5)

purple cow

Photo thanks to: heiwa4126

This post is the last in a continuing series highlighting attributes or ways of doing business that make people or businesses remarkable, and worth talking about and spreading.

 If you’re familiar with Seth Godin, remarkable marketing is what he calls “a purple cow.” In other words, something that’s so unusual and special, that it’s worth remarking on and talking about. If you saw a purple cow, you’re more likely to mention it than if you spotted an ordinary brown one.

Two remarkable people

The first is Bo Hume of American Airlines. Leigh McMullen of Cult of Mac left his iPad on a plane (and didn’t even realize it). Bo tracked him down and returned it.  And he wouldn’t accept a reward either.

Louise Penny (one of my favorite mystery writers – and a great person too), is holding a drawing for advance copies of her new book. I wrote her a note asking her to enter my name.

I got a reply back five minutes later. And, it was clearly personal (OK, my note was silly – but still).

She’s a best-selling author, she’s busy, she was in the middle of working on her next book, but she took the time to respond to me.

Share your thoughts

Know any remarkable people or businesses? Have your own story? Share it in the comments.

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