How to Be Remarkable and Get More Clients

be remarkable

A web design firm was having trouble getting more clients.  They asked the following question on a  marketing forum:

Our local area is full of other web design firms.  How can we effectively market ourselves without a price war?

They got several answers to their question, including attending Chamber of Commerce events, using client referrals, and using social media. All good ideas.

If they really want to stand out, they may need a little extra something (just in case other web designers in town are at those same events)!

They’ll need to do something that makes their firm different. Worth talking about.

Four ways to be remarkable

1) Create a progress dashboard so that clients can go to your site and instantly see the status of their project

2) Give each new client a t-shirt with their newly-designed logo on it (this time, make it big!)

3) Hold a design of the week/month contest. Visitors to your site vote designs up or down. The winner gets a donation to their favorite charity.

4) Offer a work with what you have service. Refresh the site, rather than a complete do-over. You can offer this as a cheaper service, without compromising your regular rates.

It doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Remarkable can be small.

What else could they do? And what are you doing in your own businesses to stand out? Share your ideas in the comments.