Remarkable Can be Small

Top-and-bottom pedestrian countdown

On Tuesday, Seth said that you can create a breakthrough or you can win incrementally – with small changes that gradually build attention and trust.

A change can be small and still be remarkable.

On Monday, I was down in Union Square in New York City. I noticed that the crossing lights had a countdown clock. The lights counted down, so you knew how much time you had to get across the street before the light changed.

A small thing, but one that made it much easier to cross the street.

What small thing can you do that will make it easier for your customers? Or for yourself? Or that would be worth talking about?

8 thoughts on “Remarkable Can be Small

  1. Hi Jodi.

    It’s funny you posted this because this morning I’m working on a couple small things to make my site stand out a little more.

    First up, I’m trying to find a commenting solution that will help make it easier for visitors to leave comments that aren’t all bunched together when they post them. I also want to add a line above the comment form with a message from myself and a link to “grab a Gravatar”. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet.

    I’m also looking for ways to spruce up my blog article pages to make them stand out more. I found a great article on Smashing Magazine that has inspired me to do this here:

    Thanks for the inspiring post 🙂
    .-= Doug C.´s last blog ..The Art of Being Real =-.

    • Hi Doug,

      You’re welcome! 🙂

      When you say not bunching the comments together, do you mean nesting them? I don’t know how to do that (or the grab the gravatar text) but there may be people on who do.

      I loved the Smashing Magazine article, especially the right-brain, left-brain tour (wonder why, hee hee).

  2. I meant there are no breaks in the paragraphs of people’s comments. The text is all bunched into one block. I have to go into each comment and manually add non-breaking spaces to separate the sentences/paragraphs.
    .-= Doug C.´s last blog ..The Art of Being Real =-.

  3. I wish I knew. Been searching for an answer, but haven’t found anything yet. The WP support forums are pretty useless. They make Feedburner look good.
    .-= Doug C.´s last blog ..The Art of Being Real =-.

    • Doug, I know some people who might be able to help. I’ll make an introduction if they can. Check your email.

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