Remarkable Can be Small (Part 2)

british penny image

Milton Kramer got a check from the US government for one cent.  Fearing there might be some obscure regulation about not cashing government checks, he went to the bank.

He handed it to the teller,  who glanced at the endorsement, then at the front of the check, and asked, “How would you like that sir?  Heads or tails?”

It was remarkable enough for Mr. Kramer to send it in to the New York Times (which has a column with reader submissions for tales of the big, bad city).  And noteworthy enough for The Times to print it, and for me to repeat it.

Small things can make a big difference in the way your clients perceive you.  Do a little something extra.  Give them free soup. Make them smile.  Send a note for no particular reason, except that it’s National Tortilla Chip Day (which it is).  Include some chips.

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