A Little Marketing Secret from Great Restaurants

Amuse Bouche
Image by jspatchwork via Flickr

Have you ever been to a restaurant that gave you something extra?

Maybe a small plate of appetizers (often called an amuse bouche, loosely meaning fun in your mouth), or a serving of sorbet to clear your taste buds between courses.

It’s fun, it’s unexpected, and it’s (hopefully) delicious.

An amuse bouche for your customers

Try this technique on your own clients.  Throw in a little something extra.  Something that brings delight in a way that’s unexpected.

A touch of humor. For example, I have a client whose offices had suffered a series of floods.  They eventually moved to a new location (far away from any rivers or bodies of water). I sent them a photo of a castle, perched on a high hill, to congratulate them.

You might also try an extra freebie.  Send a copy of a book by the client’s favorite author (or a favorite of yours that you think they’d like).  Or a card on their birthday (or a no particular reason card or note when it isn’t their birthday).

Try a faster turnaround time than promised.

Or send a box of cookies. Or even an actual amuse bouche.

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  1. That’s funny Blake, because when I was marketing at The Economist, Lagniappe was (probably still is) the name of a newsletter whose list I used – so that’s the first thing I think of when I see that word.

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