A Simple Way to Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Staying at “top of mind” with your customers and prospects can be hard.  They’re busy; you’re busy.  You do want them to remember you (and that project you just bid on), but you don’t want to a pest.

I just read a book by Bob Poole called Listen First, Sell Later which reminded me that I wanted to share an easy way to stay in contact with clients and prospects.  All you have to do is get some note cards and write a handwritten thank you note.  If your handwriting is terrible, you can get a font made that looks like handwriting.  Bob recommended FontGod.

Say thank you to your customers for:

  • continuing to give you their business
  • a suggestion or comment on how to improve your service
  • compliments on how well you did
  • referring business to you

Thank your contacts/prospects:

  • after a trade show, when you send the information they requested
  • when they turn you down (sometimes, this can lead to business down the road).  It stands out, it’s unexpected, and it’s gracious.

And yes, I sent Bob a thank you note.  I’d also like to thank you for reading this blog.

Freebie Friday is tomorrow.

Photo: tracy hunter