Got Questions? Get Answers! Ask Jodi!

question mark imageI get a lot of random questions from clients, family, and friends.

“Jodi, why do the pictures overlap the text on my Web site?”

“Jodi, why is it OK to send snail mail to people you don’t know, but not email?”

“Jodi, how do I stop spam on my blog?”

They think I’m Google. Heck some of them think I’m better than Google.

They say things like,
“Jodi – you are an amazing wealth of knowledge! You’re better than Google and Bing rolled into one!” — Bob Poole.

So, I decided to add a new feature to this blog (and my monthly newsletter, which comes out tomorrow). You’ll see it on the left, in the sidebar. I call it “Ask Jodi”!

Got a marketing question? Ask Jodi.

Photo: andreanna