Strategy First, Tactics Second

Danielle is starting a new business offering virtual assistant services. She wants to send out a postcard offering her services and asked for help on Marketing Exchange (12/29/08). She said she wanted to offer “off-site business support services that free their time and allow them to focus on revenue-generating activities.”

As I was reading this, I noticed that a sheet of paper had fallen out of my files. I picked it up and saw that I’d written Strategy and Tactics on the top. It said, “Strategy: How can I achieve my goal? Tactics: Have you identified your prospect’s problem? Have you presented your solution in a way that makes them want to do business with you? Have you established trust?”

Danielle has chosen a tactic (sending a postcard), without a clear idea of what her strategy is. She has no clear picture of who her clients are, how she helps them, or how she creates trust.

What’s your strategy for the new year? How will you create trust with potential new customers and keep it with your current ones?

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