The Simple Three Step Marketing Strategy

three steps marketing successA three step marketing strategy?  It may seem crazy, but it isn’t.

Marketing strategies have a bad reputation.  That they’re complicated.  And involve large spreadsheets. And give you a headache.

However, your strategy for finding new clients and differentiating yourself, doesn’t have to look like something that escaped from a physics textbook.

In fact, it can be as simple as a single sentence.

Your marketing strategy only needs three things.  That’s right, you don’t need anything complicated.  Just three simple steps (hat tip to Michael Martine for this).

1. People

First, you’ll need people.  These are your customers.  The particular group of businesses or customers that will want your products and services.  Search for those people (and only those people).

2. Problem

Now that you’ve found your people, you’ll need a problem to solve.  What are those people struggling with?  Not enough time?  Want more sales leads?  What big, hard (for them) problem do they have, that you have the skills and knowledge to fix?

3. Product

Now that you’ve got your audience, and have found their problems, what can  you offer to fix that problem?  Can you show the lead-deprived how to get more?  Help busy CEOs produce blog content without spending 6 hours a day working on it (leaving little time for managing their companies).

No physics necessary!

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Image via pixabay