Marketing Plans Made Simple

marketing plans made simple

I recently read a series of posts on another blog about effective marketing plans.

The posts went through all sorts of useful (but complicated) analysis – SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), psychographics, barriers to entry and so on.

All good to know, but a bit overwhelming. Heck, some of it made my head spin.

Marketing is complicated when you’re:

1. Selling to everybody instead of just “your tribe.” Don’t try to sell holistic medicine, childcare tips, and photography all on the same website.

2. Not differentiating yourself: “price,” “quality,” or “service” aren’t enough.

3. Marketing to demographics instead of problems. Never assume that shared demographics (age, income, children, geography) equals shared needs.

These tips are from my new two-part program, Marketing Plans Made Simple.

Find out:

* how to pick your dream client

* if your niche is big enough, or too small

* ways to stand out from your competition (or have none at all)

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