Are You Getting Good Traffic? Or Bad Traffic?

traffic tree

A friend has been struggling with his blog.  He’s getting lots of traffic, but wants more conversions. He’s done a good job of identifying the problems his target audience (technology companies) have: finding a target market and translating “Geek” to English. However, he hasn’t done enough to explain his solution to the problem (and why people should trust him and buy from him).

What he needs is a way to engage all that traffic he’s getting (and pinpoint whether it’s “good” traffic or “bad” traffic).

I advised him to get people involved.  Ask them to submit their biggest challenge.  Offer a free analysis or review in return for donation to charity (to test their commitment).

His target market is people like himself (tech experts), so I suggested that he think about the kinds of problems his employers have had and come up with products/services that address/solve those problems.

Four steps to selling:

  1. Identify the problems.
  2. Show how you solve them (not details, but results, what people will get from your solution).
  3. Make it clear what you’re offering (an e-book, a 15-minute consultation), etc).
  4. Make it easy to act.
Photo: wwarby

P.S.  Freebie Friday is tomorrow.  Stay tuned.