Friday Fun: New Uses for Old Editing Tools

My friend Curt sent this image.  His question, what would you do for “copy”?  I had an answer (find out Tuesday what it is).  Leave your own suggestions in the comments.

By the way, if you’re in the US, happy Labor Day weekend.  If you’re on the east coast of the US, watch out for himmicane Earl!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: New Uses for Old Editing Tools

  1. Well, duh, it’s obviously Silly Putty for the copying, if you happened to have any 25 years ago and needed to surreptitiously carry a stretchy version of the Sunday Funnies around with you. (Though it didn’t work that well kept in your pocket with a comic on it.) OK, what do I win?

  2. I don’t really understand the question. I’m going to shoot the moon anyhow and spit out a story.

    In high school I did poetry reading/interpretation for competition. The new principal decreed that photocopies would be $.10 each. When trying to pick the poem to use, we made copies of lots of poems to try them out and see what worked (in front of others, our sponsor, etc.). He suggested that we copy them by hand if we didn’t want to cough up the money for the photocopying.

    I put together a plan and made an appointment with him. I clearly outlined the difficulty and time it would take to copy by hand. This would be a deterrent for continued participation. This participation is what landed him all the trophies by which he parades board members. (Even in a small Texas town, we did better in academics than in football!) I persuaded him to waive the copy charge for people in UIL competition.

    I ended up going to State that year.

    • Love the story (and hooray for academics beating out football – in Texas!

      The question is what visual representation can you use to mean “copy” or duplicate – since carbon paper is obsolete.

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