Tuesday Travels: 9 Mac Desktop Productivity Widgets

widget icon

widget icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Tuesday Travels features 10 widgets; nine that will improve your productivity, and one that will wreck it.

Color Schemer Galleria – browse color schemes without leaving your desktop.  Mouse over to see the HTML code for each color.

Page Capture – Takes a picture of an entire web page (even if it’s a long one)

Screenshot Plus – Full or partial screenshots, with a countdown timer

Ical Events – Displays two weeks of appointments (from multiple calendars), all in one place. Events are color coded by calendar; mouse over to see which one, plus starting and ending times.

Analyltics Widget – Check your Google Analytics stats right from your desktop.

Keyboard shortcuts – Can’t remember a shortcut?  Use this widget to find it.

Lorem ipsum generator – Placeholder text for your web sites or brochures; the slider tool lets you select how much text  you want.

Package tracker – Can’t wait for a package to arrive (maybe your new iPad?); use this widget to track its every move.

NASA image of the day – just for fun, NASA posts beautiful images every day. Just don’t get, er lost in space (sorry).