Friday Fun: Cool Tools for Freelancers and Writers

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Today is Friday, so it’s time for some cool tools.

This week, we’ve got everything from a backlink checker to a way to watch your site visits in real time.

Who’s looking at you?

Backlink Watch – this backlink checker shows who’s linking to your website or blog.

Improve your web site sales

Website Optimizer – a Google app that helps you test landing pages, write irresistible headlines, and increase your sales

Bounceapp– use this for website design changes, editing suggestions, and feedback – make your suggestions and share them
Chartbeat – real-time analytics for your site (free trial)

Turn your blog into a book

Anthologize – a free tool for converting your blog content into a book (thank you National Endowment for the Humanities)

Got more?  Share them in the comments.  We’re due for a roundup post, I’ll link them all back to you.

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