Friday Fun: Cool Tools for Web Developers and Creatives

The letter A in different fonts
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Today’s list has several different font finders (a great help when I needed to help my brother match the typeface on his wedding invitations so he could print matching envelopes), and a little inspiration for writing blog posts when your brain is spinning in mud.

There’s also a link to a thesaurus that helps you rhyme (as well as find synonyms.

Lastly, a search “engine” for icons.  If you’re not quite sure how to get the idea of “content management” across in an icon check here.

Font finders

Got a font you can’t identify? Send the image to What The Font. They’ll find the closest match. Or post it on their forum, where font enthusiasts will sort it out.

If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, check out Identifont. Answer some questions about the font and their software will help you determine which font it is.

Thesaurus with a twist

Stuck for the right word? Test out the Big Huge Thesaurus. Synonyms, antonyms, even rhymes.

Blog post/story line ideas

The people (or maybe it’s the computers) at big huge labs have this covered too. Try out their story line generator.


Search the iconfinder for free icons you can download and use on your blog or web site.