9 Steps to Writing a Better Blog

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Blogging can be a bit scary (especially when you first start out). Staring at that blank screen can be intimidating. What do I write? Will anyone read it?

Here are nine ways to make your blog better.

  1. Write a great headline.   Some say write the headline first, others suggest doing it last. Either way, the headline is what draws people in and gets them to read more.
  2. Use subheads.  These are little signposts that point out new, important points.  They’re helpful for people who skim (rather than read every word), and also for search engines.  Use <h2> tags in your subheads to signal, “hey, this is important stuff.”
  3. Write short paragraphs.  They’re much easier to read online than long blocks of text.
  4. Use short, easy words. It’s tempting (especially if you’re a writer) to show off your vocabulary, but don’t do it. Write conversationally instead. Pretend you’re talking to a friend.
  5. Build a series of posts.  They’ll keep people reading (and coming back) to see what happens next.  Think of soap operas or cartoons (tune in next week, when Penelope says….).
  6. Take that series and bundle it into a free report (I shamelessly stole this idea from Problogger).
  7. Be passionate about what you’re writing about. If you’re bored, your readers will be too.
  8. Encourage comments.  Ask readers what they think, to make suggestions, or to share their own experiences.
  9. Respond to the comments you get, and interact with your readers.  It’s OK if people disagree; if someone gets nasty you can delete them.

What are your blogging tips?  Share them here.

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2 thoughts on “9 Steps to Writing a Better Blog

  1. Those are good tips.

    I think most people skim posts (unless you are a very good writer, and hook them from the word go), so breaking the post up into short paragraphs and using sub-headings is a great way to make content readable.

    Maybe I am just in a hurry when I’m on the internet?

  2. Mike, you’re right. Most people do skim (both online and off). I think everyone’s in a hurry nowadays; the trick is to get them to slow down for a minute or two!

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