Direct Mail Isn’t Dead!

A stack of manila paper.

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Some people think that direct mail is old-fashioned, a dinosaur in an age of Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail.

However, The Wharton Business School reported last year that the “Dead-Tree Medium” Often Beats Digital.

Why paper is better

The report noted that approximately 103 billion pieces of mail were sent at the standard (third-class) rate in 2007. Why? Because paper feels special. It can be personalized, it’s more flexible, and you can make it longer.

Mail can’t eat your computer

Emails are perceived as cheap, or free, sent without thought or consideration. Readers toss email without thought (but they spend a few precious seconds looking at your mail piece).

People hesitate to open emails from “strangers”, fearing viruses, pitches for drugs, or worse, but mail is danger-free. Open it and read it (or even toss it) without fear of catching anything.

Once it’s open, it may catch your reader’s attention. It takes more time and effort to write and mail a letter. When  people feel you have invested in them, they are more willing to invest in you.