We’re Number One!

number oneToday on Morning Joe, a Republican strategist was complaining that when President Obama spoke in Strasbourg, he admitted past arrogance, but also urged Europe to be aware of its own anti-Americanism. The strategist was upset because she thought he ought to have said, “We’re not perfect, but we’re the greatest country in the world.”

I’m not pointing this out to be political, but imagine if he had done that. He wants (and needs) Europe’s help in Afghanistan. Being boastful probably isn’t the best way to get it.

Likewise, proclaiming to your customers (over and over) how great your company is, how it’s number one in sales, or you’ve been in business 50 years, etc. may not be the best way to impress them. In fact, someone under 30 recently told me that his generation would look askance at a company that boasted of longevity; figuring they must be out-of-touch and old-fashioned. Instead tell your customers something that speaks to their needs, wants, and hopes. Share how you can meet those needs, make their dreams real, or improve their lives (not yours).