Five Secrets of Successful Copywriting

If you want to get better results from your marketing, you’ll need better copywriting.

Here are examples of five copywritihg techniques that will help your ads, emails, and web copy shine.

1. Write a great headline

  • Use a number, such as 5 Steps to Building a Successful Business.
  • Promise secrets or inside tips to succeeding at a difficult task:The Secrets of Making Money in Real Estate.
  • Pose a question or make a bold statement that catches readers’ attention and delivers a benefit. Save 50% on Brand-Name Software!

2) Tell a story

Paint a picture with words. If you sell gourmet coffee, describe how Italians have prized it for centuries, and the way its dark and intensely satisfying aroma wafts through Roman coffeehouses.

3) Be specific

Use concrete details that will resonate with the people reading
your site.

For instance, instead of saying you help “small to medium
size businesses experiencing change…in search of ways to increase
the performance of employees and leadership”, say something like, “We
work with small software companies to establish clear employee career
paths and increase retention up to 45%.”

4) Speak directly to your readers

Say “you” or “your” instead of “they” or “our clients.” It’s more personal, and reinforces the idea that you understand your customers’ pain, and know how to stop it.  Or, address them based on something specific to your audience: ” An important message for women over 50.”

If it’s a letter or an email, you can even address them directly by name.

5) Use testimonials

Show how your customers have benefited from your products (the prestige, the money saved, the great haircut).

Here’s one I wrote for my hairdresser:

I have been going to Rossi Salon for over 20 years. It’s not near my apartment, but the few times I went elsewhere I deeply regretted it. The stylists at other salons seemed afraid to cut it.

After that, I realized that it’s worth the trip to Marie because I know that she’ll cut it properly, and it will look great. I can just wash and wear without any extra products, styling, or fussing.

It worked too.  The next time I went for a haircut, Marie mentioned that a new client mentioned that she booked an appointment after seeing my review.

Photo:  scfiasco