5 Top Secrets of Ninja Copywriters

nikon ninja imageMany small businesses don’t know what they are, but successful copywriters have been using these copywriting secrets and tricks for years.

If you learn them and use them, you’ll be light-years ahead of your competitors. You don’t even have to get ninja training (unless you want to).

1. Promise something

It’s got to be something people want (and want badly) or a solution to a problem that’s got them tearing their hair out. Promise you can fix it (then explain how).

2. Make the customer the star

Don’t fill your blog or your ads with your 10 years of experience or the high-tech equipment you use. Instead, tell people what they will get.

If you create TV ads or Web video, skip the technical details of the shooting and editing process. Instead, focus on how even small businesses can use video on local TV or YouTube to make a big splash. Then highlight how well your other customers have done using your service.  Put the focus on what they accomplished (with your help, of course), rather than everything you did.

3. Appeal to their emotions

The classic appeals are “fear” and “greed.” People are afraid of making the wrong choices. In fact, they’re more afraid of losing something than they are motivated by gaining. Nobody wants to look bad to the boss, or lose their jobs. Greed works with fear, as people are afraid of losing what they have, and want more.

Emotions don’t have to be negative. You can also make a social connection and build trust. Be helpful. Offer free information. Reply to comments on your blog.

4. Be logical

Show the results that your clients get. Highlight the time or money they saved (be specific). Include testimonials from satisfied customers. Having someone else blow your horn is far more effective (and believable) than doing it yourself.

5. Use a P.S.

It’s one of the top places people look (after the headlines). Use it in marketing letters to repeat an important benefit or emphasize a deadline.

Photo:  striatic