40 Emotional Triggers That Will Boost Your Sales

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Selling to businesses has some differences than selling to consumers. Usually, the lead time is longer, more people are involved in the decision-making, and generally (except for a house or a car) the investment is lower.

However, business customers are still people. And, people will respond to the same cues regardless of whether they are deciding to buy a software package or a lawnmower.

Victor Schwab (“Mail Order Strategy”) compiled the following list of 40 emotional triggers that influence decisions. It was written in 1956, but it’s still relevant.

Here’s the list of emotional triggers:

People want to gain:

  1. Health
  2. Popularity
  3. Praise from others
  4. Pride of accomplishment
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Time
  7. Improved appearance
  8. Comfort
  9. Advancement: social-business
  10. Money
  11. Security in old age
  12. Leisure
  13. Increased enjoyment
  14. Personal prestige

They want to save:

  1. Time
  2. Discomfort
  3. Risks
  4. Money
  5. Worry
  6. Embarrassment
  7. Work
  8. Doubts

They want to be:

  1. Good parents
  2. Creative
  3. Efficient
  4. Recognized authorities
  5. Up-to-date
  6. Gregarious
  7. “First” in things
  8. Sociable, hospitable
  9. Proud of their possessions
  10. Influential over others

They want to do:

  1. Express their personalities
  2. Satisfy their curiosity
  3. Appreciate beauty
  4. Win others’ affection
  5. Resist domination by others
  6. Emulate the admirable
  7. Acquire or collect things
  8. Improve themselves generally

Tapping into the right emotion (greed, fear, want) can take your message from just OK to truly gripping, and make a world of difference in the results you get.