Tuesday Travels: Secrets of Email Marketing Lists

email mailing lists

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“The money is in the list.”

You’ve probably read that a lot. I know I’ve said it a lot. It means that the list you rent (or build) is the most important part of your marketing. A bad list means bad results (you’ll never make money trying to sell parrot food to cat owners).

So, take care of your list, nourish it, and clean it regularly.

Here are some tips on email list building and marketing.

Start Your Email Newsletter Without an Opt-In List– what if you don’t have a list? or you’re just starting out?  then what?

How Big Should Your Mailing List Be? – how many people do you need? is bigger always better?

The $100 Marketing Campaign That Packed the Room – you don’t need a big budget (or a big list) to get great results