The Number One Marketing Secret You Need to Know


Greg said today that his biggest marketing secret is treating people the way he would want to be treated.

A great way to act if (like Greg) you’re marketing to people like yourselves (he’s a geeky type, marketing to other geeky types).

Think Like Your Customer

A few weeks ago, I was trying to take some pictures with my new digital camera. I needed the date stamped on the photos, and pulled out the manual to find out how. I looked under “date stamp,” with no luck. Then I tried, “time stamp,” still no good.

Finally, I started paging through the entire book. I finally found it under “embed date stamp.” Who thinks like that?! Use your customers’ language, not your own (hmm, that gives me an idea for another post, tune in tomorrow).

A Common Marketing Mistake

However, it can be a big mistake if you’re trying to reach people who aren’t exactly like you. In fact, it’s a very common beginning marketing mistake. If you choose a sailboat photo because you like sailboats, you’re making a mistake (unless your potential clients are sailing enthusiasts — you can’t go wrong with a picture of a sailboat if you’re selling sails, for instance).

Different Messages for Different People

Present your information in different ways, to reach people who learn differently. Don’t assume that because you like to get information by reading (my preferred method) that all people like to get information that way. Some prefer reading, others video, still others learn best when they hear something.

The Real Secret to Successful Marketing

The real secret to marketing is to get inside your customers’ heads (not your own). Think and worry and plan about what their challenges are, what keeps them up at night, and how your products and services can help fix those problems. If you’re not sure, ask them. Bring them together and have them talk to each other.

How are you getting inside your customers’ heads? Share your tactics in the comments.

Photo: bigdodaddy