A Quick Way to Trouble-shoot Your Marketing


We’ve all spent lots of time working on our Web sites, design portfolios, or product demos. Sometimes, when you’re inside the bubble, it’s hard to tell whether your ideas are really great or need more work.

This checklist will help you review what you’ve done and figure out whether to keep going or call a halt!

  1. ___Does your web site showcase your creative skills? Is it a compelling “free sample” (really free!) that makes clients want to hire you?
  2. ___Do your designs, reel, exhibit photos attract attention? Are they remarkable? Worth talking about?
  3. ___Is your blog worth linking to? Is it a valuable addition to the conversation about your industry? Or is it self-promoting? Do visitors get useful information that they can use in their own businesses?
  4. ___Does the design and layout support what you’re saying? A web developer/designers site that’s hard to use is sending the wrong message.
  5. ___Are your headlines appealing? Use numbers, questions, or promises of useful tips to get attention.
  6. ___Is your product better? How does it stand out against your competitors? Greener? Faster? Easier to use?
  7. ___Does the combination of the price and the value your customers get make it a no-brainer? Do your customers have to think twice about whether your services are worth the money you charge?
  8. ___If not, is there something you can add that will improve the price/value ratio? An extra bonus? A checklist? A progress dashboard?
  9. ___Have you given people enough information to make a decision? Have you addressed common questions or objections? Are you telling stories?.
  10. ___ Is your content persuasive? Are you showing (through case studies, testimonials, and vivid descriptions) that your solution really works?

Photo: morguefile