Is Your Web Site Missing Vital Information?

information desk

Visitors to your site may arrive by keywords, searching specifically for your site, or trying to solve a problem. In addition to selling, offer useful information that will keep visitors coming back (and establish your company as an expert source of information and advice).

Add articles and how-tos

Offer tips on using your product. If you sell video games, give advice on getting past the angry gang at Level 14. If you sell dog food, have a section on why eggs are good for dogs.

An accounting software company could offer guides to running general ledger, accounts payable and other reports. AWeber (an email marketing campaign company) has an extensive knowledge base of tutorials, webinars, and videos covering every step of an email marketing campaign, from how to set up the initial message to creating forms to autoresponders (one or a series of emails sent automatically, such as an e-course).

Start a blog

This is also a chance to interact with prospects and customers. Showcase your expertise, and talk back (through comments and e-mail). It’s also good for search engine results (frequently updated copy gets Google’s attention).

I’m using WordPress for this blog; most hosting companies include it with their regular service, so you don’t even have to pay extra. Ask yours for more details on how to install it.

Write a white paper or report

Address a particularly vexing problem in your industry, or a point of pain for your customers. If you’re a computer expert write “10 Ways to Keep Your PC Safe From Viruses”. Offer it as a download and use it to build your contact list of potential prospects.

Produce a newsletter

Offer it to the people who download your white paper. It allows you to keep in contact with potential clients. Include information that’s useful. Don’t make it a hard sell. You want to keep your prospects engaged and interested (not turn them off).

After a few months, add back issues of your newsletter to your Web site (it offers fresh content, also liked by search engines, and offers a single place to find older issues (easier than searching through Outlook!).

Photo: maccath