Friday Fun: Just Wild About Harry

All this week, I’ve been spotlighting not-so-famous people. Today is a bit different. I really love this clip. I think the key thing is the part where he says that he could have sat back and enjoyed his fame and fortune, but he didn’t. He didn’t because he wanted to make a difference.

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Friday Fun: Cool Tools – The End of Boring Lorem Ipsum

Tool rack

Image by L. Marie via Flickr

Most of the time, when I post cool tools, they’re useful business tools that help you save time or money or effort.  Not this time.  Today, they’re just plain silly (but fun).

Tired of boring filler text?  Forget “lorem ipsum” and use one of these instead.

Bacon ipsum  – pure pork, ham, and kielbasa.

Vegan ipsum – all vegetarian, meat- and egg-free

Samuel L. Ipsum – mimics his role in Pulp Fiction (warning: NSFW)

Fillerati – literary filler from truly great writers

Friday Fun: Wow!

My friend Rex needed to trim his hedges. He decided he was tired of “boring shapes” so he decided to do something a bit different.

Here are his hedges.

Think outside the ordinary shrub… see what happens.