Tuesday Travels: Cool Tools for Creatives

Aerogel crayons

Aerogel crayons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, a choice of online creative tools, from making your email easier, to faster web site production, and beautifying your site.


Breezi – A simple (really!) way to create web sites. Just drag, drop, and edit (like you would in a word processor). Love the sly references to unicorns too. If you’re technologically challenged, this could make it much easier to create your own web site.

Clarify It – Turns screenshots into pdfs, adds them to existing documents, or lets you share with Google+ circles. Would be great for technical manuals, quick tutorials, or work flow procedures.

CSS Arrows – Creates handsome looking arrow boxes, useful for tooltips or emphasizing a sign-in box. No coding necessary, just plug in the size and color you want and the tool does the rest.