Here’s to the Crazy Ones – Thank You Steve

Thank you Steve.

Edit: after some thought, I decided to share two stories.

I got my first Mac in 1988. My boss bought them. I’d been using computers since 1969, and hated them. I had never used a Mac. It sat in the box for weeks. IT was supposed to set it up, but kept dragging their feet.

Finally, I decided to do it myself. I had used mainframes, terminals, and computerized typewriters for years, but never set one up. A few minutes later, I had it up and running. Even networked it to my bosses’ printer. It was as if I’d been using it for years. I loved it!

Some time later (same job), we were working on a big project for IBM. At that time, all PCs had limited fonts and very few graphics. But, our Macs had lots of fonts, desktop publishing (Quark 1.0), and drawing tools too (MacDraw!).

We put together a huge presentation, with manuals and training materials (under really adverse conditions too – the copier drowned) and sent it off. I wanted to put tiny apple logos on the pages or the cover sheets, but my boss wouldn’t let me.

After everything arrived, we got a phone call from IBM, “How did you do this!??? It’s amazing!”

Yes, it was.

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  1. I have to agree that Yes it was.” It still is and I have to say that If Jobs had thought he was simply in the personal computer business, Apple would be a very different company. He understood that he was in the business of digitally processing information, which allowed the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to be born.

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