5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Five Buttons

Image by Uwe Hermann via Flickr

There are a lot of complicated and time-consuming things you can do with your marketing. But, sometimes, the simple, easy things can make a really big difference.

Here are five simple tips for marketing without a lot of stress.

1. Don’t keep reinventing the wheel

Turn blog posts into reports, videos, or webinars. Add a recording or a transcript. Voila, new products!

2. Be nice

You’d be amazed how this can make a difference. Take the time to thank people for their business, or a compliment. Send an email to a client because you saw something you thought they’d like (a silly photo, or an article on the newest rose hybrids for avid gardeners).

3. Post funny or memorable quotes or sayings

People remember them and pass them on. If you don’t have a copy of Bartlett’s Quotations handy, there’s an online version at bartleby.com.  Bonus points if you know why it’s called that.

4. Write for people, not for search engines

Yes, you want to get found, but putting your keyword (in bold) in every third sentence will scare real people away. As will awkward phrasing that matches a search term, but ignores all known rules of grammar. (Sure, SEO types sneer at buttons that say “click here”, but people click on them).

5. Use an autoresponder

Put your email marketing on automatic pilot. Send regular messages, which readers can sign up for at any time.  This can be part of your regular newsletter, or a separate course.

Quote for the day

“I never met a search engine spider with a credit card” – Sonia Simone (of Copyblogger)

Image:  mzacha