My Biggest Online Marketing Mistake

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Inspired by Michael Martine’s confession, I thought I’d share my biggest online marketing mistake.

It was really dumb.  Especially considering my background.  What was it?

I fell for the RSS/subscribers blogging stuff – and didn’t put enough energy and time into building my email list.

Old direct marketing words of wisdom: ‘The money is in the list.”  In case you missed it the first time, “The money is in the list!”

Build yours.  Offer a free ebook, or a video course, or an email course.  Build that list!


Because people who trust you enough to welcome you into their email inbox (or snail mailbox in the old days), are your best source of buyers.

You “visit” them every week or every month.  They know you, they rely on you, and they trust your expertise and advice. Subscribers are far better prospects than someone clicking on a banner ad on a web site or a search result in Google. In fact, email subscribers convert far better than any other internet advertising option.

Don’t believe me?

There are three times as many email accounts as social media accounts (according to Kissmetrics, as of 2012). Not every business is on Facebook, but they all have email, and they all check it regularly.

It’s more business-oriented than Facebook or Twitter. And, you can speak to subscribers directly. You can personalize your emails with their names, their past purchases (if any), or data about their behavior.  You can’t segment Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Plus, with Facebook’s algorithm shenanigans it’s tough to even reach your audience in the first place!

And, email marketing drives more clicks and more conversions too.

OK, your turn.  What’s your biggest online marketing mistake?

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  1. Hey cool, glad you got a little inspiration from the errors of my ways! 🙂 Best of luck to you with building your list and anyone who is running an online business needs to focus on this.

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