Hair, Glue, and Customer Service


Image by Evil Erin via Flickr

While browsing through the online TV schedule Sunday, my TV froze. Then it went black and turned off. I rebooted the box.


I did it again. Nothing. So, I called the cable company. They tried to reboot it.

Nothing (it got stuck halfway through).

After about 40 minutes of this, the rep decided I needed a tech visit. OK. But the first available visit was for March 7 (?!?). No worries, he said. Just call early Monday morning and ask for same-day service. Give them your confirmation number and you’ll be all set.

Monday arrives, and I call. The new rep says no appointments, wait until next Monday. But… but… Sorry, nothing she can do. But?!? BUT!!?!! What the??!! Grrr.

So, I’m getting more and more annoyed. But, I decide not to blow my stack. I ask if there’s a “level 2” person (like in tech). No. There’s nothing she can do. How about a supervisor? She grudgingly transfers me. I talk to the supervisor. He checks around, then calls me back. Nothing that day, but I can have an appointment Tuesday afternoon). Hooray!

Now, why did that have to be so hard? And does anyone know how I can glue back the clump of hair I tore out?