Website Marketing Failures (and how to avoid them)

Hidden mineshafts

Image by AndyRobertsPhotos via Flickr

Even established marketers can make big mistakes. Sometimes, their focus is misdirected.  Other times, they use the unsuitable language, or talk too much about the wrong things.

Is Your Website Driving Readers Away? If you’re doing what this well-known guru does, you may actually be shooting yourself in the foot.

The Biggest Website Subscription Fail Ever Newsday (a newspaper in the New York area) just spent $4 million (US) putting their web site behind a paywall. Their intent was to limit access, and earn more money from paying subscribers.  That’s not quite what happened.

The Biggest Mistake Advertisers Make This error can cost you sales and alienate prospects.  It’s not only a big mistake, it’s also an extremely common one.