What’s Your Edge?

sharp knife imageIf you’re looking at a razor or a kitchen knife, an edge is important. A sharp edge will remove a beard or cut carrots. A dull one will cut you (because you push harder).

Having a sharp, clear edge is important in business too. It’s what makes you different, worth talking about. The knife in the picture is memorable because of the shape and the handle – it LOOKS sharp.

For example, the Shake Shack in New York City (expanding soon nationwide) is “fast food” with a difference. The beef is ground daily. the lettuce and tomatoes are local, and the beer is brewed just for them. Their edge: local and handmade.

Henry Ford’s edge was to use an assembly line to make cars quickly. They still do. Rolls Royce, on the other hand makes cars very slowly. A Ford takes hours to assemble. A Rolls requires about three months.

An edge can be faster, slower, much safer (Volvo’s edge), the most dangerous, special treatment, great service (Zappos), terrible service (the No-Name restaurant in Boston – where they make you wait a long time, crowd you in with strangers, and tell you what to eat).

What’s your edge?

Image thanks to: brenda starr
(i) by Seth Godin

Tomorrow:  cool tools!