Question Time


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I’m not the prime minister (or even the president), but I thought it might be helpful to set aside a post now and then for questions.

If you have one about headlines, email marketing, your website design, niche marketing, or another marketing challenge you’re having, ask away.

The floor is yours.

3 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. How would you suggest marketing to a market that tends to get most of their ebooks/programs through ‘illegal methods’?

    My market is language learners, but a large percentage of the high school types have some websites where they pretty much give away any book/ebook they can get scanned on the computer. Somewhat discouraging!

  2. Funny you should ask, because I was looking on Scribd today and found something there that had been posted illegally!

    Back to your question. There’s probably no way you can completely stop illegal uploads/downloads. Look at all the trouble the music industry is having.

    What you can do is bundle the information with something they can’t get except directly from you – personal attention, a paid forum, or “souvenirs.”

    What I mean by souvenirs is selling an experience or something that’s limited. For example, Hugh McLeod’s drawings are free online. The “souvenir” versions, which are hand-signed on acid-free paper, cost $65-$200.

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  3. Hey Jodi, great idea!

    I did look at adding a language tutoring session or something to the ebook, looks like I might just have to take advantage of that. 😉
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