Can We Talk?

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Someone in a forum recently said, “Why have a guestbook [comments] at all? If a visitor really wants to say something, they can just email you.”

Well, why should you have comments anyway?

Guestbooks or comment threads are a way to interact with people. Have a conversation.

Face it, a monologue can get pretty dull.

Comments let your readers ask questions, share ideas, experiences, or tips on how to make something work better. When your readers ask questions, answer them. Do a little research if you have to. Be helpful.

Leaving comments is also a good way to get recognized. I see people commenting on other blogs that I read, and I feel I “know” them. Oh yeah, there’s Michael Martine, or Dave Navarro. Then, I often go read their blogs. So, insights for me, traffic for them (plus more insights for me). Good deal.

What do you think? Are comments worth it? What prompts you to leave one?

(Tell me in the comments). 🙂

Bonus points if you know where the title of this post came from. No fair using Google.

2 thoughts on “Can We Talk?

  1. Here you go! I’m the first one to comment:)

    Well, yes commments are essential. When people will see that you are giving them value by replying them back and their words are not getting wasted because you are considering them by a single reply.

    It will open robust dialogue. Robust dialogue are actually respoinsible for creating change, innovations, inventions and breakthroughs!

    Now , Jodi! Reply to this comment 🙂

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