Are You Marketing Like a Rabbit or a Fox?

English: An urban fox investigating a domestic...

English: An urban fox investigating a domestic pet rabbit in a garden in Birmingham, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a client some years ago whose marketing ideas kept turning left, then right, then doubling back on themselves, like a rabbit fleeing a fox. Each time we spoke, I’d try to get him to focus. Each time, he had a different idea about what he wanted to do (sales reps, networking, telemarketing, articles, newsletters)…

You name it, he tried it. Any of these can work, but he never gave any of them a chance – so none of them did.

The rabbit just runs. The fox, on the other hand, sniffs out the best places to find rabbits. He then picks a target and chases after it.

Pick two or three marketing tools. Concentrate your efforts on those. Try different messages to see which works best. Track them to find out which gets the best results.

One thought on “Are You Marketing Like a Rabbit or a Fox?

  1. My advice, pick 1 tactic, get that to work. Then move on to tactic numbers 2, get that to work, then repeat.

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