Nine Barriers That Stop You From Getting More Business Online

toll booth barrier image

1. Requiring a login or a particular blog account to comment

Slowing people down only frustrates them. Make comments and contacts easy.

2. Advance “Payment”

Requiring (an email address or a sign up) before a visitor can watch your demo, check out your reel, or see your designs

3. Broken links

Nobody can interact with your site or buy your products if they can’t find them. Here’s a free tool to check your Web site.

4. Flash intros

These irritate people more than I can say; you’re forced to watch something with no way out. Auto play and sound is even worse. Just say no.

5. Asking for Twitter followers upfront

Establish trust first.  Let people get to know you (and your great content) before you ask them to follow you.

6. Contact forms with lots of fields

The more information you ask for (name, address, phone, state, city, country, zip, blood type…OK, I’m kidding about that last one), the less likely people are to fill out your form.  Keep it to a minimum.

7. Leaping before you look

Habitat UK jumped into Twitter and began their tweets with popular hashtags (alert symbols meant to help people follow conversations on a particular topic on Twitter) that had nothing to do with furniture.

8. Talking camera, design, or web geek instead of English.

Your customers don’t care about your cool tools. They care about what those cool tools can do (holes, not drills).

9. Too much information

I was recently asked to review a site that had 45 links on the left-hand menu and another 37 on the right. My head was spinning. Keep it simple. If you’ve got lots of links, put them under pop-out sub-menus.

Photo: jetzenpolis