A Year in the Life of the Triiibe

triiibes blog ring imageOne year ago today, Seth Godin posted an invitation to join his tribe at triiibes.com. It’s a gated network dedicated to sharing marketing ideas, building trust, and gaining permission for your marketing (rather than shouting).

This past year, I’ve had the great pleasure to meet the most remarkable people (both online and in person), including Bernd, Mary Louise, Tom, Joel, Sue, Greg, Megan, Pace, Kyeli, Jule, Becky, Bernadette, Anne, Brendan, Ed, Paul, Bob, Chris, Bolaj, and many, many more.

Update:  Bonnie and Marcos! I forgot Bonnie and Marcos (smacks head)!

In honor of the anniversary, we’re launching a global blog tribute to mark the occasion.

The group has acted as a launching pad, a brain trust, and a catalyst and has developed into an amazingly close-knit community of people who’ve traveled thousands of miles to meet each other in person.

I started this blog because of triiibes, and I’m in the process of revamping my business because of it. I’ve realized that I want to focus on creative people (videographers, web developers, film editors, exhibit designers, graphic design firms) who are great at generating ideas and doing their jobs — but need help turning their expertise, their skills, and their desires into dollars.

I want to focus on little things that can make a big difference, like developing a niche, retooling a brochure, and fixing broken web sites (rather than huge projects with giant spreadsheets and timelines that require a certified project manager to complete).

Here’s why you’re not making enough money, and here’s how you could make more. Instead of throwing time and money at the wall and hoping something sticks, here’s a way to get results you can measure.

More on the triiibes anniversary.

9 thoughts on “A Year in the Life of the Triiibe

  1. Happy triiibes anniversary… lemme take this occasion to thank you for being a great source of learning.

  2. Dear Jodi, I am profoundly moved to read my name listed as your friend. Thank you so much for the kindness and friendship you have shown me in the last year. Things are only going to get better! Here’s to another excellent year! Warmest Regards, Mary Louise

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