Use These Tips for Postcard Marketing Success

grand centralMarketing with postcards isn’t flashy, but it does work (and unlike email there’s no spam filter).

In fact, Marketing Sherpa reported (5/7/09) that one IT company used postcards to increase Web site visits 125%, boosted average time on site by 106%, and raised monthly email newsletter signups by 117%.

Here are some tips for successful postcard marketing that you can use in your own campaigns.

A great headline and an appealing image

You only have a few seconds, so focus on a clear benefit and use a memorable image.

In this case, the picture on the front showed a man clutching a fistful of money, with the headline, “Get a Grip On Your IT Expenses.”

Be specific

The postcard offered several benefits (fixed costs, purchasing “chunks” of IT service time, and on-call support. It would be even better with testimonials or numbers showing exactly how much customers save by using managed IT services: “Now, you can cut your IT costs by up to 37%.”

Connect with your audience

Use emotional triggers that encourage curiosity, a sense of security, or urgency. People want to save money, gain respect, and avoid discomfort. Paint a clear picture of what they will gain by using your product. Make their eyes open wider, pulse race, and mouth water.

Make a clear offer

Now, that you’ve got their attention, make an offer. Keep it something simple and low cost.  This is a postcard, so there’s not enough space to sell a complicated or expensive service.

The IT company offered a free evaluation of their prospects’ computer systems to see whether a managed (fixed-fee) solution would reduce costs. Give them a good reason to contact you.

Balance commitment and appeal

An offer that’s very appealing (free flat screen TV) will get a lot of responses, but the people who do so may be more interested in the TV than your product.

On the other hand, an offer with low appeal (free ads sent to your cell phone while you shop) or filling out long forms will reduce the number of people that reply.

Use a call to action

Don’t forget to ask for the response! If you don’t ask for the call or the sign up you won’t get it. Use large or bold type and offer several ways to respond. Include a phone number, an email address, and a Web address and (send your landing page to school).

Track your responses

Use a unique code, telephone number, or URL on each mailing. If you track your responses, you’ll know which lists (or offers, if you have more than one) are generating the most leads.