The Kosher Tribe Isn’t Jewish

kissesThe New York Times reported last year (10/9/08) that more than 70% of the people who buy kosher food in the US aren’t observant Jews. In fact, the population of observant Jews in the US isn’t large enough to support the market for kosher products.

What’s happening? Many non-Jews are buying kosher products because they believe they are higher quality, or rely on strict ingredient labeling to protect them from food allergies or other religious concerns. According to The Times, many candy and cookie companies regularly ask for kosher certification for Christmas and Easter confections!

I, personally, once helped a Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan choose a brand of jam based on the fact that it was kosher pareve (no meat or dairy products), proof that it contained no pork or other ingredients he couldn’t eat.

The lesson from this is that it’s important to know who your customers really are (and to adjust your products and services to meet their needs). Otherwise, how would a candy company ever know (or think) to make kosher Easter bunnies?

Photo: rushingmania