A Powerful Little Email Marketing Tool That’s Often Overlooked

postscript, one more thingThere’s a little email marketing tool that people often forget about.  Many marketing posts tend to focus on writing the perfect headline, finding the right image for your post, and how to structure your offer.

But there’s another, humble tool, that’s less flashy than a great headline or a photo or an offer, but a tool that can have a big impact on your marketing results.

It’s the P.S.

Why use a P.S. in your email marketing

It may seem like an afterthought, but the P.S. is the second place most people look at a letter or email (the first is the return address on a physical letter or the sender in an email).  With all those eyeballs going to that spot, it’s important to use that attention to your advantage.  It works on physical letters, emails, and landing pages.  People look at the headline, scan the photos, and then check the P.S.

Your offer: miniaturized

It’s a mini-summary of your marketing: your offer, an important reason to buy quickly, or another benefit of using the product.  It’s the chance to add an extra little push. focus attention, and tell readers to go  back and look at the rest of the page.

The fifth “P”

It’s sometimes called “the fifth P” (after Promise, Picture, Proof, and Push).  Marketers selling to other marketers sometimes treat it ironically (here’s that P.S. again, you know the one where we promise to make you better looking, taller, and increase your IQ to genius levels), but it still works.  If you’re pitching to a more button-down audience, play it straight.

P.S. Just one more thing (no, I couldn’t resist, could I) … I wonder if that’s why Steve Jobs did that at the end of Apple presentations.

P.P.S. I was reminded while looking for an image for this post that TV cop Lieutenant Columbo used to do the same thing.. and he always solved the case!

Image: flutterby