Why Marketing is Like Ice Cream

Say it’s hot (which it is).  Your girlfriend wants ice cream and there’s none in the freezer.  So you go off to the purple cow ice cream store.

Chocolate ice cream

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Let’s pretend they have two flavors each day, and only those two flavors.

(OK, it’s an odd store. The ice cream is hand-made, hand-churned and completely organic)

Today’s flavors are  chocolate and strawberry.

Her favorite is chocolate, you prefer strawberry.  Which do you buy?

Look outward, not inward

Well, if you got the chocolate, you made a decision based on what she likes, rather than what you like.  If you did, you’ll get some handy girlfriend bonus points.  If not, well, you may be unwelcome for a while.

Same thing with your marketing.  When you make decisions about colors, ad layout, copy, web design, etc., think about what your visitors want.  What will make it easier for them to use your site?

What do your visitors want?

Have you identified a problem that your visitor has?  Not your problem, theirs (your problem is selling stuff, their problem is wanting a logo  or needing a database).  Did you talk about how your product or service fixes that problem? Are you using colors they like? Or colors you like?  Talking about your company’s expertise and years of experience? Or how quickly you can deliver?

Oh, and I’ll have the chocolate ice cream please.