How to Make Your Marketing Irresistible

johnny_automatic_magnetDo you ever wonder if people actually read your ads?  Would you like to get more readers (and more orders) from your ads?

Here’s how.

Write a great headline

Use it to make a big promise.  Offer something your audience desperately cares about.  Tell them you can fix a problem they have (or avoid having the problem in the first place).  Here’s an example for an imaginary product.

“Stop Struggling With Flat Tires!”

Then, fill out the promise.  Paint a picture of what they’ll get, and how they’ll enjoy it. The more descriptive (and specific), the better.  Don’t use fancy words or technical jargon.  Make it about the buyer (not about you).  She’s the “hero.”

“New Super Tire Jack slips easily under your car.  Just press the button, and whoosh, the  car goes up and you can easily remove the tire. ”

Turn features into benefits

A feature would be “push-button operation”  A benefit is:   “No more sweating (and swearing) to get your flat tire changed.  Super Tire Jack does 90% of the work for you.  Just push a button!”

Prove that it works

Include testimonials from happy customers.  Even Seth Godin says that he sells more books on his blog when he reviews someone else’s work than when he talks about his own.  Use testimonials, case studies, statistics, or demos to make your point.

Ask for the purchase

Call, click, write….(do it now, before they’re gone).

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Marketing Irresistible

  1. I’ve been working in sales for the past few years and you’d be surprised how many people do not do these things. They are the very basic components of making a sale, and if you skip on any of them 90% of the time (made-up statistics rock) you will fail. Good post.

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